Aero recording studio’s 16’x14’ live room is available as a fully equipped private rehearsal and preproduction facility. Included are PA, mikes, bass and guitar amps, drums. Hammond B3 is available for an extra charge. Aero also offers on-site mobile recording, PA lighting and backline rentals, and a fully equipped rehearsal or preproduction room. Rates are per session, beginning @ $ 40 for 3.5 hrs.


2 X Rode NT 3 2 X Apex 460 tube multipattern
4X Shure SM 57
4 X Shure SM 58
Shure Beta 58
Shure Beta 57
Shure BG 2.0 pencil condenser
Sennheiser 441
AKG C535
AKG D112
2 X AKG D190
Electrovoice RE2000
Neumann TLM 103
APEX 180 pencil condenser


Alesis HD24 24 channel Digital Hard Disk Recorder
Alesis ADAT XT 20
Fostex G16 - 16 Track ½” tape recorder
Pioneer CD Audio recorder

Mixing Consoles

Allen and Heath 32x8
Mackie 1624
Tascam DM24 automated digital console


Intel dual 2.4 gig DAW w removable HD,DVD,CD,firewire
Intel single 2.4 gig DAW removeable HD DVD,CD
Both computers running Nuendo, Logic,
Protools LE, Wavelab, Soundforge


Focusrite Voicemaster Platinum

Studio Monitors

Yorkville YSM 1s
Yamaha NS 520
JBL Control 1
Tannoy Eclipse

Outboard Processing

Yamaha REV 7
Yamaha SPX 90
Roland DEP 5
TC Electronics M300
TC Electronics Finalizer mastering processor
FMR RNC dual compressor
LA Audio 4c 4 channel compressor
DBX 266 compressor
ART VLA tube compressor
Ashley Comp/limiter
Two MOTU 2408 interfaces

Power Amps

BGW 750 D
H&H V800
Carver PM1.5


2 X AKG 240
2 X AKG 140
Rane Headphone Distro/amp


Hammond B3 w/145 Leslie, & Combo preamp
Wurlitzer Piano
Hammond S5 organ
Ensoniq Digital Piano/midi controller
Fender Rhodes 76
Akai vintage x7000 sampling synth
Roland EP3 electic piano


Rogers 5 piece
Cymbals by Sabian and Zildjian
Rogers Dynasonic chrome snare
Canwood wood snare
Pearl classical chrome snare

Instrument amplification

Musicaman PR112 guitar amp

Peavey Classic 50 x X12 combo amp

Fender Twin 2

Fender Deluxe Reverb VINTAGE '65

Fender Blues Junior

Fender Pro Junior

Garnet Lil Rock

Behringer V-AMP

Yorkville Combo 1X15" Bass amp

Trace Elliot Bass Preamp, with Bagend speaker cab


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